February 25, 2014

Outdoor Living Hammocks

What did Joan of Arc, Julius Caesar and Jesus Christ have in common? None of them knew shit about hammocks.

The first sighting of the hammock by the western world was made by colonial Spaniards, led by Christopher Columbus in the 15th century. They were striving to reach Japan on an unchartered route, giving themselves a leg up in the spice trade that everyone was so into at the time. What Christopher found was not Japan and spice; but The Americas and hammocks. Fair trade off? In the case of hammocks from Outdoor Living Direct, I would say definitely yes.

HammockThe first thing I noticed about the Outdoor Living Direct Hammock was all its pretty colours. I like Heavy Metal, and my wardrobe consists of mostly black clothes, but who the fuck wants a black hammock? If I was going to give this hammock a so many hammocks out of so many hammocks rating, I’d rate it ten hammocks out of ten hammocks.

Get it here: http://www.outdoorlivingdirect.com.au/

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January 31, 2014

Entering the world of Hammock Reviews

Something you probably didn’t know about The Superguns is that we are hammock connoisseurs.

Nothing is finer that being suspended between 2 trees in a sling. hammock

During a six-month exploration of Central America we tested the best, most compact models on the market. Whether on the beach, deep in the tropical forest or strung up at a mountain retreat, we tested five contenders for both sleeping, sitting and lounging comfort, setup and accessories, and portability. In our reviews we focus on evaluating an extremely lightweight sleeping solution for those who are willing to leave the world of static sleeping behind.

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May 16, 2013

Wrangler Studios Photos

The Superguns Destruction

We had an awesome time at Wrangler Studios on Saturday night. Here are some photos that show the devastation. They were photographed by Tim Ware and we reckon they look fcuking amazing! To get hold of him email: timwaregd@hotmail.com (more…)

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March 3, 2013


Our first A0 posters are going up around Melbourne!
Keep an eye out if you are in town for obnoxiously large wall hangings adorning the seedier alley ways of our fair city.

The Superguns Poster

If you see one we’d love to see you with it, so take a photo and send it to our facebook page or instagram or twitter or whatever, we are very socially networked.

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December 25, 2012

Merry Freakin’ Christmas

The Gasometer

Merry Freakin’ Xmas from The Superguns!
Here’s a happy snap from our last show of 2012 with Motherslug and Seedy Jeezus at the Gasometer.
Thanks to everyone that came down and had fun with us.

We’re looking forward to more shenanigans next year so stay tuned.

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