August 20, 2013

The Superguns at the Bendigo / Yanomamo & Arrowhead tour


23RD – 25TH 2013

Four Horsemen condemn Melbournians to an apocalypse of livers and ear drums. Those who are willing to part with their souls and a few bucks are in for an unholy trinity of sludge, doom and blues over three monolithic days.

The ceremonies commence on Friday the 23rd of August, at the hallowed and beer stained confines of the Public Bar.
The Superguns at the Bendy

Opening the night will be Melbourne band Child who, along with Sydney’s Arrowhead, play music that’s travelled straight out of 70s through the desert in a beaten up Kingswood.
Emerging through the dust trail of blues scales and pentatonic solos will be Hotel Wrecking City Traders and headliners Agonhymn.
Both duos are Melbourne’s best proof that the crushing volume and density of a band’s sound needn’t rely on the number of people onstage. If Stevie Wonder or the late Ray Charles were to dare attend this gig, they could be easily forgiven for thinking greater numbers were creating the aural quicksand these bands project.

This musical version of an apocalyptic mushroom trip will reach it’s peak at the Bendigo Hotel on Saturday the 24th, with Arrowhead again returning to the stage to remind you of what it’s like to be killed in case you drank enough on Friday to forget.
Joining them will be their Sydney cohorts and legitimate answer to EYEHATEGOD, Yanomamo.
The last time this writer saw them, he ended up with a fractured eye socket, concussion and free t-shirt.
That’s all you need to know.
Aside from two of Sydneys most debauched offerings during this sick little evening of human sacrifice, Melbourne’s paragons of blues, rock and stoner, Seedy Jeezus, Motherslug, Two Headed Dog and The Superguns will be on hand to help alleviate punters of their worthless souls on this joyride to hell.
Melbourne’s closest thing to an aural punch in the face, Broozer, take command of the ritual with the aim of sacrificing and removing the hearts of all attendees by the end of the night.

Forget your lazy Sundays. This is the comedown of doom, the place where everything ends. Your mind has been burnt away, your soul has been disintegrated and your body is barely a functioning mass of nerve endings and booze-related ailments.
There is but one thing to do, and that is get what’s left of you down to the Brunswick Hotel on Sunday the 25th. As a reward to those still standing,
VON GRIMM RECORDS is making this a FREE gig.
Yanomamo will return to the stage to mock the vanquished and put those left standing out of their misery. Channelling the spirits of stoner forebears long gone will be Riff Fist, Horsehunter and A Gazillion Angry Mexicans.
Channelling the spirits of stoner forebears even longer gone will be Moth.
This is a statement not to be said by any means with one’s tongue in cheek.
Moth have taken the step of supplanting the role of frontman with the shamanistic instrument that is the didgeridoo.

Do not miss the opportunity to witness one of the most unique representations of hate infused stoner rock with music from a culture tens of thousands of years old.

A line up so ambitious as to make everything Roky Erikson did and sang about look sane by comparison. Be prepared Melbourne; this is a weekend set to decimate the uninitiated. With door prices at 7, 15 and ZERO dollars, you’d be a fool (or a complete tightarse) to miss this unholy trinity of gigs!

Friday August 23rd – The Public Bar, North Melbourne
Arrowhead (NSW)
Hotel Wrecking City Traders

Set Times

9.00 – 9.30 CHILD
9.45 – 10.15 HWCT
10.30 – 11.10 ARROWHEAD (NSW)
11.25 – 12.10 AGONHYMN

Saturday August 24th – The Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood
Yanomamo (NSW)
The Superguns
Arrowhead (NSW)
Two Headed Dog
Seedy Jeezus

Sunday August 25th – The Brunswick Hotel Bar, Brunswick
Yanomamo (NSW)
Riff Fist
A Gazillion Angry Mexicans

Set Times

5.40 – 6.20: MOTH
4.50 – 5.25: RIFF FIST
4.00 – 4.40: YANOMAMO
3.10 – 3.40: HORSEHUNTER

Yanomamo details and Press Information

Youtube: Yanomamodoomo
Music and Articles of Death: http;//

Arrowhead details and Press Information

Write up by Dan Tucerri
Artowork by Iain Danvers

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